Pat Neth

The Sea Ranch

In it's 40 year history, The Sea Ranch development on the spectacular Sonoma County coast has been lauded for ecologically sensitive planning. The 5,000 acre development, located 90 miles north of San Francisco straddling scenic Highway 1, is a 1960's experiment in environmentally sensitive living that has endured, despite massive changes in approaches to home building. The idea was to live "lightly on the land."

The houses were designed to blend with their environment by using natural wood sidings, sod roofs and other camouflaging techniques. Escaping to The Sea Ranch for a weekend is as good a tonic as a week anywhere else! Secluded beaches, grassland meadows and rows of Cypress trees surround the expansive Sea Ranch community. Amenities include swimming pools, tennis courts, golf, security patrol, an equestrian facility, miles of hiking trails and a private airstrip.

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